Nätti Lifestyle is a cooperation of Artists to Create Durable Fashion and Sustainable Lifestyle.
Our members are located on the coasts of Mediterranean and Baltic Sea reaching all the way to the Arctic Circle.

The sun and the wind, sandy soil and salty water, forests and beaches are our inspiration for Art and Wellbeing.

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Nätti Dress is a Hand Made Design Dress to be used in everyday life.
It is easy to wear and it fits any Natural Body. It is made of 100% cotton or linen.

Home Textiles

Nätti Home Textiles is an exclusive collection of bedlinen and curtains.

Nätti Bedlinen is made of 100% cotton and designed to be used with eiderdown.

Arctic Fish valance is 100% linen.

No More Plastic

We do not want more micro plastics in our oceans and atmosphere. We use only natural materials and practice Zero Waste Policy.


Slow Fashion On Demand

Nätti Lifestyle philosophy is Slow Fashion. We manufacture our products on-demand. We urge you not to be hasty but relax, cook lovely dishes, practice yoga, explore the nature nearby or do anything you love the most.

Nätti Bedlinen


Want to swap design? You can send your Nätti Dress back to us and you will be gifted with a 10% discount on your next purchase.


Nature Reservation

Our prices include a 5% donation to organisations that work for nature conservation. Our main focus is on Oceans and Marine Wildlife.


Join Us for Art and Wellbeing

Nätti Lifestyle

tel. (Fin) +358 40 521 5662

Kalajoki, Finland
Oulu, Finland
Piombino, Italy

Photos taken in Kalajoki, Finland at Hiekkabooking and Sandy Kelt