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Natti Dress

Nätti Dress is easy to put on, it forms nicely on your figure and it doesn’t fill our environment with micro plastics. You can relax and look amazing with good conscience.  

“Women experience change in their figure in monthly periods and in different phases in life. The favourite dress doesn’t always fit as nicely as desired.  

A special feature of Nätti Dress is adjustability. We in Nätti Lifestyle think that the two-side wrap dress design that was familiar to our mothers in the seventies deserves a comeback!”

The dress has a pinch of hippie tone to it as it has been updated by Nätti Lifestyle to celebrate the new era of  –  not just Female  –  but All Gender Liberation.


When you want to change style we will be delighted if you sell your dress second hand. Or you can send it back to us and you will be gifted with a 10% discount on your next purchase.

“We have a vision that each Nätti Dress will have a long and exciting lifecycle traveling around the world. The dress has a special tag at the back where we mark the date of purchase and the New Owner’s first name. When the dress is sold second hand we mark a new name etc. So the dress carries a diary of its history.

You see… we really think our dress is here for the long term. It is not just a garment, it is an Artifact. It has been made of natural resources using human resources. It has great value.”

Slow Fashion On Demand

Nätti Lifestyle philosophy is that we are a slow fashion brand. In practice this means:

We manufacture our products only on-demand. This may mean you might have to wait for your dress to be shipped.

Meanwhile we suggest you relax, cook lovely dishes, explore the nature nearby and do the things you love to do the most.



We can make a choice so we choose sustainability and perform all operations openly. Our customers know where our products come from.

Our fabrics are printed in Finland and The Netherlands and all manufacturing of our dresses is done in Finland.

The first Nätti Dresses are made of soft cotton satin being aware it is not the most eco-friendly material. But it is plastic free. In product development we test other bio-organic materials and new textile innovations to find the most sustainable materials.

“We have a Zero Waste Policy. Even smallest left over pieces will be saved and used later in design products.”

In our product info we will let you know everything we know about the fabric so you can make your decision based on honest information.


Meet Our Team

Nätti Hanna  

Nätti Designer Hanna lives in Tuscany, Italy, where she has found her mission in making art from recycled materials. Biggest role plays plastic that she collects from the beaches. Her art is a manifestation against pollution created mostly of single-use plastics.

In Nätti Lifestyle Hanna’s art turns into dresses with authentic Mediterranean feeling. Explore Hanna’s DonnaRuvida art project on Instagram.

Nätti Heidi 

Nätti Designer Heidi is an artist who turns piles of plastic objects into creative installations and pattern designs. Get familiar with Heidi’s art on instagram. 

Nätti Maija 

Nätti Business Manager Maija takes care of Nätti Lifestyle brand and customers. Maija is a media creative and vagabond who spends summers in a self-converted van. She appreciates down-to-earth lifestyle and prefers dresses that fit her active life. She still has her auntie’s old wrap dress that gave her the idea for Nätti Dress.

You can follow Maija’s Bothnic Van project on Instagram.  

Join Us

We look forward to connecting with artists and lifestyle enthusiasts from all over the world to cooperate and join Nätti Lifestyle entourage.

We want to share what we have learned in sustainability, beauty and wellness. We want to make the world a better place by helping everybody feel better.

Get to know our project better by following us on Instagram! To contact us please send email to

But what does the word Nätti mean?

Nätti is the word in Finnish for pretty. It is pronounced like Natty in English that means fashionable, stylish and practical.


Nätti Lifestyle

tel. (Fin) +358 40 521 5662

Kalajoki, Finland
Oulu, Finland
Piombino, Italy